The Canon Logic – Nights at Armour Mansion

by Josh Sidney on February 16, 2010

cannon_logic Brooklyn band The Canon Logic have a sound that certainly earns them a spot amongst the other “the” bands (the Killers, The Strokes, etc) but package it in a way separates them from simply sounding 8 years too late. Swelling piano combines with lead vocalist Tim Kiely to fill the mid-range, while up front guitar and large (but not blast dance beat) drums create an expansive sound large enough to fill an arena. The single Nights at Amour Mansion feels as relevant as anything yet keeps the Canon Logic from being swept away in the rush of dance-bands spilling out of Brooklyn. The band’s debut album FM Arcade is due out March 9.

The Canon Logic – “Nights at Amour Mansion”

The Canon Logic – “Avenue of Criminals”

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